Podcast Shares a Challenging Diagnostic Journey

Jane Gutkovich, a founding member of The EHE Foundation and fierce EHE advocate, was a guest on World Cancer Day 2023 in the podcast Patient from Hell. Jane speaks with Samira Daswani in an episode entitled “Navigating Uncertainty, Making Decisions in the Absence of Data, Advocating & Caregiving”.

Jane’s journey resonates with many people who have lived through a cancer diagnosis or who care for someone diagnosed with cancer, where uncertainty and overwhelming decisions become all consuming. Jane eloquently shares the roles that family, caregivers, and patient communities play in helping rare cancer patients survive.

We are grateful to Jane for being such a passionate EHE patient advocate, and a driving force for EHE research. She is a true champion and never gives up. Hear Jane’s story here, or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

The podcast is hosted Manta Cares, an online global community of cancer survivors and caregivers.

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