Research Grants

The EHE Foundation is committed to accelerating research and to funding the most promising research proposals in order to discover more effective treatments, and ultimately a cure EHE. To date, the EHE Foundation has funded over $300,000 to scientists at renowned research institutions; and, we continue to work collaboratively with our EU and Australia EHE Foundation partners to fund global research initiatives.

Together with The EHE Foundation’s Research Committee, our Medical Advisory Board evaluate each proposal and monitor the results of research.The EHE Foundation is committed to:

  • A structured, peer review process to ensure the highest quality research
  • Establishing partnerships with top scientists from the world’s leading research institutions
  • Supporting impactful and innovative research encouraging new researchers to study EHE tumors


Apply For A Grant

Requests for proposals will be issued and reviewed in a Grant cycle. The EHE Foundation will remain flexible and responsive to proposals submitted, where possible, to encourage and support all proposed EHE research.

For more information about research supported by the EHE Foundation, or to apply for a grant please contact