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Patty Cogswell

Rare Biorepository Consulting, LLC

Patty has a B.S. and M.S. in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Rochester. Her career in cancer research spans 25 years, during which time she authored more than 30 research publications. For the majority of her career, she served as a research scientist and lab manager at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Lineberger Cancer Center. Patty joined the rare cancer field in 2012, when she became manager of research for the Chordoma Foundation. In that role, she developed the Foundation’s biobank, cell line, and animal model repositories. In 2019, Patty founded Rare Biorepository Consulting LLC and is working with several rare cancer foundations to help forward their research initiatives through specimen donation. She is excited to now be joining with the EHE Foundation to build these programs and share her knowledge with the EHE research community. She is committed to EHE’s ultimate goal of a cure and hopes to finish her scientific career making a difference.


Patty Cogswell

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Maggie Cameron

Website & Social Media

Maggie is an EHE survivor and manages The EHE Foundation website, email and social media accounts. Diagnosed in 2011 with EHE found in the liver and lungs, she has undergone a liver resection and multiple tumor ablations. Living just south of Pittsburgh, PA, she has been lucky to find doctors that have familiarity with EHE at UPMC and Hillman Cancer Center. With a 'watch and wait' approach, Maggie is able to live an active professional life. Professionally, she is a graphic designer and a web designer/developer. She maintains our website, social media presence and coordinates email platform for the EHE Foundation. She feels this is the best way she can give back to the EHE community as she lives with this disease. When she is not sitting at her computer, she enjoys hanging out and skiing with her kids.