About Us

The EHE Foundation, founded in 2015, is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to pursuing effective treatment for Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE) and supporting EHE patients and their families. EHE is a rare vascular sarcoma cancer that affects all age groups from children to elderly. Little is known about this cancer, which, in its aggressive form, is highly destructive and normally fatal.

Cancer is already tough, in every sense, but rare cancers like EHE have additional burdens of limited information, lack of solid research, and an absence of a standard treatment. EHE receives little funding for research and is not a priority for the research community.

Through grassroots fundraising and the deep involvement of an emerging and tight-knit global community, The EHE Foundation has been able to jump start promising research, launch a working group of worldwide experts, and create hope and urgency for thousands of patients and their families.

Thank you for being part of our EHE family.  We are amazed, inspired, and grateful that you continue to choose to stand alongside us in our commitment to fight EHE.  Your support helps us honor those we’ve lost by continuing to make progress in many facets of our foundation’s mission.

Together, we:

  • initiated an ongoing multi-institutional international project to ultimately give doctors of EHE patients options for evidence-based treatments.
  • supported research of Dr. Rubin, an EHE expert and world-renowned pathologist and medical researcher of the Cleveland Clinic, who helped lead the trametinib drug trial and continue his ongoing efforts in EHE research.
  • increased awareness of EHE across the nation with supporters, agencies, and medical experts and connected hundreds of EHE patients with experts.
  • added two professionals to our all-volunteer working Board of Directors and increased our volunteer base of committed and compassionate individuals.
  • received a specified grant to hire a professional to ensure the foundation sustains long term capabilities for the future.
  • continued dialogue with experts to seek viable research projects using the most modern and advanced forms of medicine.  Our Advisory Board and research team continues to raise interest in EHE among top scientists.
  • were recognized by the nation’s sarcoma community and are now represented in a formal forum of collaborating sarcoma foundations, titled the Sarcoma Coalition.
  • successfully enhanced the scope of our two annual events.  In 2018, over 700 participants joined us on the virtual 5K in April and #GivingTuesday brought in over $87,000 in November!

The EHE Foundation’s mission is to seek treatments and a cure for Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE) by increasing awareness, pursuing scientific research, advocating for and supporting EHE patients, and bridging information between researchers, providers and patients.