Texas Hold ‘Em Fundraiser in Memory of Brian Frank


Saturday, August 29 at 12:30pm in PDT

20838 SE 240th St. Maple Valley WA 98038

EHE or Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma is a extremely rare vascular cancer that only effects 100 people a year worldwide. It is very hard to diagnose due to the fact it is so rare. Many doctors have never even heard of it. Dr. Brian Rubin of the Cleveland Clinic is the only doctor that is actively studying EHE. He relies only on donations to fund his research.

Brian Frank passed away in September from this horrible cancer, he was only 28! He was sick for 6 months and not one doctor could tell him what he had. Unfortunately he passed before he was diagnosed. Autopsy showed that he had EHE. Brian’s tissue samples have been sent to Dr. Rubin. He is actively studying them in hopes to get some answers about EHE.

Every amount donated will greatly help another young person with EHE! I know Brian would love if we could help someone else and possibly save lives

What is EHE (Epithelioid Hemangio-Endothelioma) Cancer?


Where your donations will go to:



Buy-in: $50

$30 goes to the cause; $20 goes to the pot.

CARDS IN THE AIR: 2:00!! So important….PLEASE be timely, there will be a lots of players and will take all night to play.

• Please show up early to eat and get comfortable, also to find your seat and buy your chips to start the game.

• There will be volleyball, horseshoes, and other lawn games for those who are not playing cards. Kids are welcomed, (just asking that the young ones not be around the game tables & away from the alcohol))

• We want this to be a BIG BBQ with lots of fun for family and friends kind a day!!


Winnings will be divided depending on how many people play. Example: with 50 players we can expect $1,000 in prize money. We also hope to have some gift cards & prizes to be included for winners. Each player starts with 5000 in chips, blinds start at 25/50 and go up every 20 minutes. Re-buys will be allowed for a set period of time. 100% of re-buys goes to the cause. This should allow for steady action. After the main tournament is over, additional single table ‘loser’ tournaments can form if there is interest (same format as above). Message us if you have any questions.

1. Charlie & Kendy will be supplying all the hamburgers, brats, hotdogs you can eat and we will have water bottles too!

2. Everyone will be responsible for their own drinks and Ice. Just bring your coolers.

3. Please if you can….bring a appetizer to share. For example: chips & salsa, hotwings, cheese dips, your favorite yummy appetizer. We need this to keep everyone full of energy for the long day and night.

4. We are asking that everyone leave their animals at home, please. This will help keep the distraction down and barking at bay. Much love.

Time is sneaking up on us and we NEED help with the following items.

…………………..WHAT WE NEED HELP WITH………………….……

Please “COMMENT” on this post or message my FaceBook or email ([email protected]) me what you can help out with. I will keep a list of who is doing what.

1. If you have not yet replied “going” to attend please do so, I need to get an accurate head count for players and for food.

2. We NEED CHAIRS!!! any kind will work!

This will be a long day & night and if you are drinking PLEASE don’t drive!!! We have room so you can bring your motor-homes,campers,trailers, even tents, there is plenty of parking room. We have room for anyone that needs to stay and sleep!