TEAD Talk – The Pursuit of a Treatment and Cure for EHE

Thanks to David Casimir, PhD, JD, for his informative patient-level presentation on June 17, 2023, that addressed the questions: What is the Hippo pathway and TEAD? How do they relate to EHE? How are they being used to develop EHE treatments? How do these treatments move from the laboratory, through clinical trials, to patient care?

The EHE Foundation strives to empower patients to advocate for their care through various types of continuing education and support. This includes offering programs to help patients understand complex medical topics.

The Hippo pathway is a critical transcriptional signaling pathway that regulates cell growth, proliferation, and organ development. Combined with Transcriptional enhanced associate domain (TEAD), this can easily become a topic that is difficult for many patients to fully understand.

David was able to simplify these topics using an analogy of something most people are familiar with: the postal system.  Hugh Leonard said, “Well done, David! I will evermore look at postmen and postal trucks and think of the Hippo Pathway.”

Check out the video of David’s presentation and other Community Connections sessions.

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