Science Saturday: Patient-Powered EHE Research

On Saturday, February 24, 2024, Denise Robinson, Director of Research provided an update to the global EHE community focused on ‘Patient-Powered EHE Research’. Denise highlighted research projects The EHE Foundation is funding and supporting through resources, and projects initiated by the foundation including the EHE Global Patient Registry and EHE Biobank.

Denise highlights progress made and ongoing efforts to develop EHE models – an essential resource required for drug screening and development. Additionally, drug repurposing efforts are increasingly important and an efficient method to identify drugs approved for other diseases and ‘repurpose’ those drugs for the treatment of EHE. Currently, the foundation funds several drug repurposing projects globally and aims to generate more data from the EHE patient community to further advance clinical science in drug repurposing. 

To learn more about many of the research initiatives and projects, watch the Science Saturday recording.