Running 100 Miles for EHE

Jimmy Crook started the 100 mile challenge many years ago, while he was deployed to Afghanistan as a way to pass time and get people motivated through the tough holiday month of December. It has morphed into a nationwide group on Facebook (#Run4) that raises money for charity, encourages others on their fitness journey, and gets people moving.

The group completes four challenges a year to raise money for different causes. The EHE Foundation was chosen in 2017 and Delaney Wahl’s story was highlighted throughout the challenge.  This event not only raised money, but introduced many people to EHE and the importance of our mission.  Many of the participants continue to follow Delaney’s story and are dedicated to our mission.

The spirit of group is well demonstrated by David Petrisko, who has no direct link to EHE, but was so moved by Delaney’s story, he got the “Just Live” tattoo, complete with fishing hook to demonstrate his love of fishing! Thanks to everybody involved with the group for their wonderful support, and for raising over $11,000 for EHE research.