Rosemary Kalair

Rosemary or “Rose” was a compassionate, loving, caring person by nature. She was a nurse for 42 years, and retired in June, 2019. She began her career as a float nurse in the hospital, opened and managed an urgent care, amongst many other departments. She concluded her career as a Cardiac Rehab Nurse. Nursing and caring for people was the passion that drove her.

To get away from the stress that goes with the daily grind, she would take frequent trips to Las Vegas, Nevada to visit her children, Nicholas and Stacy. Her favorite and most joyful trips and were the more than 30 cruises she went on. Loving to be in the sun, relaxed atmosphere and island music made her feel the best.She was extremely active in St Isadore parish from being a Eucharistic Minister to making food for families in need; there was nothing she would say “no” to if it gave her a chance to share her faith.

In 2012, Rosemary was diagnosed with EHE of the liver. She didn’t let it control her life; she lived life to its fullest. Her biggest issue with having EHE was how inconsistent doctors were with their opinions as to what she would do or how serious it was. That deeply frustrated her. There is so much unknown about EHE. She was persistent with following up with different doctors with different expertise.The “unknown” was the most challenging part of EHE for Rosemary. Was it going to grow? Was it going to spread? What were possible treatments? She passed away in February of 2020 from a blood clot in the portal vein of her liver.

The EHE foundation was important to her because she found a community to lean on. She was an avid supporter and friend to the foundation. Upon her passing, her liver and tissue were donated for EHE research. As mentioned earlier, she was a giver by nature and if her donation can help someone else, her mission would be complete.You may also send a check to The EHE Foundation, 1561 Hopi Ct, Hobart, WI 54313

Rosemary Kalair passed away on February 2, 2020 at the age of 66.

Rose Kalair
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