Keren Stern

I, Keren Stern, am a wife and mother of two and I owe my life to The EHE Foundation. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, and socializing with our friends in the autism community. Raising a child on the autism spectrum requires me to work from home, and being a bookkeeper allows me the flexibility I need to navigate between kids, house, husband, and work seamlessly.

I was diagnosed with EHE on Feb 28, 2017. Thinking about having cancer, needing surgery, and what that meant was beyond scary. My EHE has no outward physical attributes, so people don’t know I have it. For the most part, I wish more doctors knew EHE existed or at least heard of it before I walked in for a consultation.

Living in Las Vegas, the biggest challenge for me is the lack of local medical facilities and the need to travel across the country for treatment. Traveling is exhausting, expensive, and requires jumping through hoops with insurance and the out of network benefits. There is very little known about EHE which means there is no “gold standard” or proven to work protocol. We are all just sitting ducks and guinea pigs to every treatment modality.

I owe my life to The EHE Foundation because they gave me answers doctors couldn’t. I was able to find doctors through The EHE Foundation who have seen other patients with EHE. These doctors had knowledge of this cancer and its behavior. This was priceless in a situation where I would otherwise have ended up down the wrong treatment path. Unexperienced doctors were leading me down an extremely invasive and life altering course of treatment. The EHE Foundation is a support system like no other, filled with caring people all personally invested in each member’s well-being. A win for one is a win for all!

Our Foundation is all we have to support research for this extremely rare sarcoma. Your generosity helps provide answers, connections, hope, and direction to those suffering from EHE. Your donation can be the reason our researchers find a cure for EHE.

Keren Stern
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