International Sarcoma Kindred Study (ISKS)

What is ISKS?

ISKS is . afree to participate global genetic, biological, epidemiological, clinical resource developed to understand the genetic basis of sarcoma in a population.

ISKS has created a world first, one of a kind, database that is accessed by doctors, researchers and scientists across the globe.

ISKS was developed by Australian EHE Medical Advisor, David Thomas and his team at the Garvan Institute.

Why We Need It

  • To create a unique global EHE resource to study genetic risk factors for EHE.
  • Contribute to a growing international body of knowledge to support patients, clinicians and researchers now and into the future.
  • Understand the genomic risks of EHE may lead to early detection strategies into EHE or sarcoma more broadly.

How You Can Help

Sign up today by emailing [email protected] to receive your ISKS test kit requiring you to fill in a brief questionnaire and supply a blood sample and/or hair follicle. Your support will contribute to the EHE knowledge which may impact patients now and in the future.

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