Fransheska Nazario

“My name is Fransheska Nazario, I’m 25 years old and I am from Bolingbrook Illinois. I have a daughter that is four years old and her name is Penelope and we have a pet rabbit named Clover. Spending time with my family is what keeps me going every day. I enjoy arts and crafts, cooking, practicing yoga, and watching movies. One of my favorite motivators of all time is Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I just celebrated my one year cancer anniversary. A year ago, on my 24th birthday I was diagnosed with stage IV EHE and it was probably the most nerve wrecking moment of my life. I knew right away that this would change my life forever and that there would be tough times ahead. I had to be strong for myself and my family. There were a lot of unknowns.

I wish other people knew more about rare cancers in general. Not all cancer is bald, but we struggle just the same. I wish everyone knew that EHE is a slow growing cancer but can turn aggressive at any point. I wish people knew that the EHE foundation and mission has been supported by patient-led fundraising.

What I have found most challenging about EHE is that there is no definitive treatment plan for it.  Everything is trial and error.  The unknowns about this cancer are what really challenge me on a daily basis. When you get diagnosed with cancer, you think to yourself that your oncologist is going to offer you the best plan of treatment, but that’s not always how it works. As a patient you have the right to say yes or no. You have to be your own advocate and that wasn’t something I was expecting.

The EHE’s mission is so important to me because I want to find a cure. When I first was diagnosed I searched on Facebook to find a support group of some type and that is when I found the EHE support page. From the very beginning I was warmly welcomed by many members. I found myself in contact with Lisa DeYoung and she has really been such a help to me during this time. I see her hard work and the work of many other foundation advocates, researchers, and members on a daily basis.

I would highly encourage anyone that is considering donating to please donate on Giving Tuesday!  Every dollar that is contributed to this foundation is saving our lives. It is helping us find new advances in medicine. It is supporting cancer patients, their families, and caretakers. Your donation can change our lives forever. We need your help!

I would like to say thank you to anyone that is taking out their time to read this. Just that alone is amazing. Please share our story with your friends and family so that you can help us spread the word and fight EHE!”

Fransheska Nazario
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