EHE Informational Bifold

During this past week, we have featured several touching stories of those affected by EHE (see below). These stories have one thing in common, which all EHE patients can relate to: there are no standard treatments for EHE. Money raised by The EHE Foundation during #Giving Tuesday (Nov 27th) will address this common issue and give doctors of EHE patients options for evidence-based treatments.

We are planning a multi institutional international project. EHE is highly unpredictable and exhibits a broad variety of clinical behaviors, so we must include as many EHE patients as possible to obtain reliable information. The math is simple: amount of funding we have for this study = more hospitals will participate = more EHE cases will be included = data obtained will be more comprehensive and accurate.

The main goal of the study is to assess:

  • Local and systemic treatment modalities applied to EHE across various EHE locations and response to these treatments
  • Difference in progression between interventional treatment and “wait and watch” approach • Clinical and radiological presentations indicative of EHE progression
  • Utilized symptoms management and the impact on quality of life

Would you like a simple way to help explain what we do here at The EHE Foundation? Feel free to use this bifold. You can click the images below to enlarge and print it to share with those not online. Remember, your donation will be DOUBLED on #GivingTuesday (Nov 27th)! “

The EHE Foundation Giving Tuesday Bifold 2019 - Outside
The EHE Foundation BiFold 2019 - Inside