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This is our most important goal at this time. Dr. Brian Rubin, from Cleveland Clinic, assumed a leadership in EHE research. He has discovered the disease’s underlying genetic cause, identified a potential targeted therapy for EHE with MEK inhibitors, but there are many questions about EHE to which the answers are not known.


Establishing a community of patients and caregivers to share experiences has been an ongoing goal of our foundation. Our Facebook group and the Forum being built for this website will allow our patients, families and caregivers connect in a meaningful way.


We are also working hard to establish dependable resources for our community. A place to go for information, treatment plans and past experiences. This repository of information will also be made available to our researchers and doctors to allow for better communication about this disease and how it can be treated.

A few words from some EHE patients...

The EHE Foundation’s mission is so important to me because right now it’s the only organization who advocates for patients in finding a cure and developing a standard of care.

Jennifer San

The EHE Foundation has provided me information, connections and support during the most difficult time of my life. Please consider donating to The EHE Foundation as every dollar means the world to us.

Jenni Kovach

This is a group of passionate people who have significantly changed the conversation and awareness around EHE and rare Sarcomas. Because the EHE Foundation is so connected to its community, donating to it has a profound and measurable impact on the people and families touched by this disease.

Maggie Cameron

The EHE foundation is important to me because it is helping spread awareness. It gets patients on the path to the correct treatment. It also helps host a support group for everyone to come together.  I hope The EHE foundation can help future patients when they hear the word cancer to know there is hope. If you are thinking of donating or volunteering to The EHE foundation know that you are not only helping patients, but families. The more knowledge the world has on EHE the faster we can find a treatment plan for the many people battling and hopefully help ease or possibly eliminate future battles.

Zebrina Lauridsen

Every dollar that is contributed to this foundation is saving our lives. It is helping us find new advances in medicine. It is supporting cancer patients, their families, and caretakers. Your donation can change our lives forever. We need your help!

Fransheska Nazario

The EHE Foundation continues to fight for more research, pushing forward to find a cure. Please take a moment to consider giving to the EHE Foundation.  It is donations from our family, friends and ordinary folks like you that add up. It is one dollar at a time that makes a world of difference to people like me.

John Lamb

The EHE Foundation is important to me because it means there will eventually be more knowledge about this rare sarcoma, as well as a standard treatment for everyone. Without raising awareness and funds the doctors and research teams would not be able to continue to move forward and we would lose hope.”

Hannah Kiner

What is my donation used for?

Your donation goes to The EHE Foundations primary goals: research, community and educational resources. There are also minimal overhead costs to run the foundation.

Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, your donation is fully tax-deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) organization.