Delaney Wahl

Delaney WahlOn April 22, 2014, Delaney was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of cancer called Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma, also known as EHE. This form of cancer has absolutely zero funding or attention from outside sources because so few people are affected by it. Every penny of research has been funded by EHE patients, families, and friends. EHE families are trying to raise funds for EHE research. We hope to find a cure, or at least a treatment, to help Delaney and all of our EHE family. There are 20-200 people worldwide that are diagnosed with EHE each year. This makes Delaney literally one in a million. Delaney was diagnosed with EHE after having a tumor removed from her left bicep. She has handled all of this like a champ and she wears her scar like a badge of honor. There is not a cure for EHE or even a set treatment developed. Every patient, including Delaney, is considered experimental. Her current course of treatment will be full body CTscans/MRIs/PETscans every three months…and to treat each tumor individually if and when they develop. Her next set of scans is in June. We need Team Laney to help raise funds and awareness! Our family is amazed, humbled, and truly grateful for the support and love from all of you! Click here to visit the Team Laney Cure EHE Facebook page.

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