Birthday Fundraisers Hosted by Facebook

Supporters continue to celebrate their birthdays (and other special occasions) by creating a fundraiser on Facebook to support The EHE Foundation. Facebook allows supporters to easily create the event, share their story, invite friends, and track their progress toward their goal.  This convenient online tool has allowed many of our supporters to increase awareness while raising funds for our cause on a platform that is convenient and familiar to them.

Thanks to Diana Donohoo, Scott Herbert, Terry Neugeboren, Stephanie Badten, Cortney Walters, Robin Spielberger, Malcolm Barrah, David Kauffman, Tracey Kubica, Rachel Huver, Susie Harris Wood, Ed and Cindy Rivers, Ingrid Coddington, Connie Jones Skipper, Olivia Wahl, Katie Loehlein, Michaela Burrell, Jessica Kostelac, Patricia Ruth hoover, Delaney Wahl, Sarah Yaneza, Karen Workenaour, Heidi Tolton Chatterson, Mélisande Lieber Heckman, Jeanette Regelin Neese, Alison Hughes-Waters, Natasha Kilfoil, Missy Stewart Pluta, Stacey Stefan, Michael Beaupre, Julie Wahl, Ann Madigan Campbell, Jay Leonard Tyler, and Aaron Mathew Crumm for helping us raise over $28,000 through individual Facebook Fundraisers