ASCO Talks About EHE

The American Society Clinical Oncologists (ASCO) met in Chicago in May of 2015, for their annual meeting. The theme, Illumination and Innovation: Transforming Data into Learning, aims to improve patient care across the globe through the application of shared knowledge. This is especially important when talking about rare sarcomas. Jane Gutkovich, Vice President of The EHE Foundation, was able to coordinate a meeting of 13 sarcoma specialists to talk about specifically about EHE.

There was detailed discussion about current research and lack of treatment protocols. The Patient Registry at Patient Crossroads is seen as a vitally important source of information and data.

Dr. Rubin, of Cleveland Clinic, and the primary researcher for EHE suggested we arrange a full-day EHE conference some time in the next year.

For Jane’s full summary of the meeting, click here.

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