2024 EHE Fun Run and Walk Logo
2024 EHE Fun Run & Walk Logo

Registration is now closed, but donations are welcome!

Registration for the virtual 2024 EHE Fun Run & Walk is now closed. However, donations are still being accepted and credited to our amazing teams. When you click the button to donate, you'll be asked to enter a name to be sure we credit the appropriate team.

Thank you to everyone who donated and registered to make this event successful. A very special thank you to our team captains who rallied their supporters to spread EHE awareness and raise money to support our mission of finding treatments and a cure for epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE).



One of the biggest fundraisers of the year, this event is critical to supporting The EHE Foundation and all that we do. Larger teams equal more donations toward our shared vision of a world where EHE is easily diagnosed and treated.

Teams that have 10 or more participants or raised more than $500 in registrations and donations are shown in the chart below. Thank you for your passion, generosity, and continuous support!

How to Create a Team

How do you register a team with us? It's easy! When you register for the event, there is a required field to put the person's name you're running or walking for. Don't worry, we will make sure registrations are assigned to the appropriate team. You can also put "self" or "n/a" if you're flying solo. We are so glad to have you! Thank you for your passion, generosity, and continuous support!

Team Captain Incentives

We know you work hard rallying your supporters, so we are excited to offer these rewards to our Team Captains. These incentives build on one another, so if you reach the highest level, you get all of the rewards! Items will be mailed to Team Captains beginning in April.

  • 10+ Team Members + $500 in Total Dollars Raised: RED TEAM CAPTAIN T-SHIRT (back will say TEAM CAPTAIN)
  • 25+ Team Members: Drawstring bag + an extra pack of 10 tattoos and 5 bracelets
  • 50+ Team Members: RED TEAM CAPTAIN HOODIE (back will say TEAM CAPTAIN)
Team Captain Incentives

Top Teams

We are off to a great start! Remember the teams listed below are those that have reached the first incentive level of 10+ team members and $500 in total dollars raised.

Team NameNumber of RegistrantsTotal Dollars Raised
Team Jennifer Ness182$10,627.00
Team Drew Sheeley154$7,986.00
Team Aimee Liebert121$5,375.00
Team Matt Frank76$4,520.00
Team Jacob Latch94$4,247.00
Team Laney104$3,825.00
Team Jeff Falkner46$3,061.00
Team Bridget Zito67$2,692.00
Team Courtney Bieghler56$2,434.00
Team Rick Harrington33$2,116.00
Team John Lamb26$1,887.00
Team Jenni Kovach10$1,782.00
Team Sarah Bright17$1,892.00
Team Amy Houston33$1,729.00
Team Max Ellefson30$1,741.00
Team Barbara Vance27$1,690.00
Team Carey Kato Dickman18$1,223.00
Team Maggie Cameron21$981.00
Team Jonathan Sousa25$1,011.00
Team Ryan Youngberg17$701.00
Team Veronica Flores15$686.00
Team Rionna Jones13$578.00
Team Karen Stern14$572.00
Team Robinson11$515.00
Team Lamar Lab11$510.00


We thank our generous sponsors for their support and commitment to our mission to find treatments and a cure for EHE.

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Social Media Graphics for YOU

Download and share these images on your social media accounts to raise #EHEawareness and spread the word about the 2024 EHE Fun Run & Walk. Please share the link to our event with your graphic: https://fightehe.org/2024-fun-run/


  • From your computer: Right-click and Save As on any image below. Then upload it to your social media platform with the event page link above.
  • From most smartphones: Tap and hold on any image below, and save it to your phone's photos. Then upload it to your social media platform with the event page link above.
  • SAMPLE POST TEXT:  Join me for the 2024 EHE Fun Run & Walk! This event benefits The EHE Foundation and its mission to find treatments and a cure for epithelioid hemangioendothelioma (EHE). Learn more and register here: https://fightehe.org/2024-fun-run/
  • Canva Templates: We've made some graphics that you can personalize. Click the button below to access our Canva Templates.
I donate to support the EHE community.
I donate because I've lost someone to EHE.
I donate to support EHE research.
I donate because someone I love is living with EHE
I donate because I need a cure for EHE.
I donate because I am living with EHE.
I run for my mom.
I walk for my mom.
I run for my dad.
I walk for my dad.
I run for my sister.
I walk for my sister.
I run for my brother.
I walk for my brother.
I run for my child.
I walk for my child.
I run for my son.
I walk for my son.
I run for my daughter.
I walk for my daughter.
I run for my partner.
I walk for my partner.
I run for my wife.
I walk for my wufe.
I run for my husband.
I walk for my husband.