Friday, January 28: Scientific Symposium 
Saturday, January 29: Global Patient Conference 

Thank you for attending this two-day virtual event that brought together researchers, clinicians, and patients from around the world to advance the fight for treatments and a cure for EHE. Our goals included:

  • EDUCATION: Increasing knowledge and understanding of key issues central to the diagnosis, treatment, and cure for EHE
  • INNOVATION: Providing a novel, catalytic framework to identify gaps and foster dialogue in basic, translational, and clinical research of EHE
  • COLLABORATION: Stimulating an interdisciplinary sharing of clinical best practices by strengthening and supporting global collaboration world-wide

2022 EHE 360 Recordings

Use the tabs below to navigate through our Scientific Symposium, Patient Conference, and Patient/Advocate Videos.

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Welcome, EHE Biology & What We Know, EHE Models

Welcome - Jenni Kovach

EHE Biology & What We Know - Brian Rubin, MD, PhD

Towards a Zebrafish Model of EHE - Freek van Eeden, PhD

CRISPR cas9 Models of WWTR1-CAMTA1 Fusion - Fabio Vanoli, PhD

An in vitro model to study the consequences of TAZ-CAMTA1 expression in primary endothelial cells - Valerie Kouskoff, PhD

Genomics and Preclinical Models of Rare Cancers - Holly Barker, PhD

Systematic Screening of ex vivo Conditions for EHE Model Generation - Mushriq Al-Jazrawe, PhD

Development of a cell-based transplantable model of Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma - Caleb Seavey, MD

Patient-Derived Models of EHE - Nadia Zaffaroni, PhD

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Targeting TAZ-CAMTA1, Gene Fusions, Modulation of YAP/TAZ in EHE

Evaluating small molecule protein-protein interaction inhibitors for targeting EHE - Ajaybabu Pobbati, PhD

Inhibiting the tumorigenic function of TAZ-CAMTA1 oncogene - Ryan Kanai

TAZ-CAMTA1 and YAP-TFE3 alter the TAZ/YAP transcriptome by recruiting the ATAC histone acetyltransferase complex - Keith Garcia

Comparison of tumor-associated YAP1 fusions identifies a recurrent set of functions critical for oncogenesis - Frank Szulzewsky, PhD

Modulation of YAP/TAZ in EHE - Aparna Subramaniam, MBBS, MPH

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Phase I Clinical Trial Spotlight – Ikena Oncology

Phase I Clinical Trial Spotlight - TEAD Inhibitor Candidate, IK-930  - Jeff Ecsedy, PhD

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Roundtable - Advancing Translational & Transformational Research in EHE

Bill Tap, MD, Brian Rubin, MD, PhD, Silvia Stacchiotti, MD, Breelyn Wilky, MD, Paul Huang, PhD & David Casimir, PhD

Co-Chair Close - Bill Tap, MD

Thank You - Jenni Kovach

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Welcome, ESMO Consensus Paper

Welcome - Jenni Kovach

Introduction to ESMO Consensus Paper - Hugh Leonard

Overview of Consensus Paper - Silvia Stacchiotti, MD

EU Medical Oncology Perspective - Professor Robin Jones, MD

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Spotlight on EHE Researchers

Strategies for inhibiting the tumorigenic function of the TAZ-CAMTA1 oncogene - John Lamar, PhD

Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma: A Brief Overview - Munir Tanas, MD

MSK IMPACT and Secondary Mutations in EHE - Cristina Antonescu, MD

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Biobanking: Patients Advancing Research

EHE Biobanking in the United States - Brian Rubin, MD, PhD

EHE Biobanking in the United Kingdom - Professor Robin Jones, MD

Consenting Participants - Patty Cogswell

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Accessing Specialty & Multi-Disciplinary Care

AYA & Adult Program Harmonization at Memorial Sloan Kettering - Katherine Thornton, MD

Coordinating Care - Community Oncology & Academic Medical Centers - Scott Okuno, MD

Intravenous Ketorolac Infusion for Intractable Pleuritic Pain - Case Review - Tamara Vesel, MD / Emma Ernst

Liver Transplant - A Patient Perspective - Andy Donnelly

Navigating Insurance Coverage - A Challenge in Pursuing IRE for Hepatic EHE - Smriti Rai, MD

Irreversible Electroporation for the Treatment of HEHE - Helen Kouvnadias, PhD

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Ask the Expert

Scott Okuno, MD, Tamara Vesel, MD, Breelyn Wilky, MD, Guy Weinberg, MD, & David Casimir, PhD

Closing - Jenni Kovach

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Kim Young

Watch as Kim Young shares the challenges of living with the uncertainty of EHE.

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Dawn Scott

Diagnosed with EHE 24 years ago, Dawn Scott has a unique historical perspective and delivers a powerful message of hope and gratitude to the EHE community.

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Jane Gutkovich

EHE Foundation Board Member Emeritus, Jane Gutkovich provides a timeline of early connections among the EHE community and later formation of The EHE Foundation, all from the perspective of being the mother of an EHE patient.

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Denise Robinson

Denise Robinson, EHE Foundation Board Member and Director of Research, provides an overview of patient-led research initiatives.

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Amy Baghdadi

EHE Foundation Board Member, Amy Baghdadi details her own journey with EHE as well as milestones of The EHE Foundation.

2022 EHE 360 Conference Co-Chairs

Brian Rubin, M.D. Ph.D.

Cleveland Clinic

Silvia Stacchiotti, M.D.

Istituto Nazionale Tumori

Bill Tap, M.D.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

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EHE 360 is organized by The EHE Foundation as part of a patient-led research network, in collaboration with the UK EHE Rare Cancer Charity, the EHE Rare Cancer Foundation Australia, key global patient advocacy groups, and our medical and industry partners. Thank you to our generous donors, volunteers and the support of the CZI Rare As One Project and the Margie & Robert E. Petersen Foundation.

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