Julie Wahl, President

Julie Wahl is a mom, military wife, and EHE advocate. Julie is a veteran of the U.S. Army and her husband, Trevor, has been serving for over 22 years. They are both natives of Upper Michigan, but their family has been given the opportunity to live all over the world thanks to their military lifestyle. They have two daughters; Delaney is 14 and Olivia is 12. Julie has a BA in Accounting and is currently working as a daycare provider. Her family enjoys boating, fishing, and the Green Bay Packers. Julie spends most of her free time driving her girls to soccer, track, and all of their other extracurricular activities.

Julie’s daughter, Delaney, was diagnosed with EHE on April 22, 2014. Julie spent the first couple months after diagnosis searching the internet for answers. She was scared, confused, and angry. Tired of feeling helpless, she decided to be proactive and start fighting EHE head on. Her family started fundraising and created “Team Laney”. Julie hopes The EHE Foundation will be instrumental in helping find a treatment for EHE while supporting EHE patients, family, and friends.

You can contact Julie at juliewahl@fightehe.org

For more information about Team Laney, go to our Facebook page, Team Laney Cure EHE

Jane Gutkovich, Director of Research

Jane Gutkovich and FamilyI was born in Belarus , graduated from Polytechnic College with the degree in Civil Engineering and worked as an engineer for 9 years.  I came in America in 1991 with my husband and two boys and became a Nuclear Medicine Technologist.My career  as a tech started in 1994 in a large cardiology practice on Long Island where I still work in a capacity of a Manager of a Nuclear Stress Lab.  In January 2013, after my son was diagnosed, I declared a personal war on EHE , giving every free minute of my time to this cause. I have been deeply involved in collecting clinical data , organizing doctors meetings, bringing awareness with publications and fundraising for EHE research.

Gayla Loller, Secretary

Gayla Loller and her boysGayla Loller is the mother of two beautiful boys and three crazy doggies. She lives in rural Oklahoma and works from home in the commercial real estate industry. As Secretary of the EHE Foundation, and an administrator of our Facebook group, she hopes that she can do her part to support EHE patients, their family and friends and help to find ways to promote our cause.

Lisa Hartle-De Young, Director, Patient Liaison/Patient Services

Lisa Hartle-De Young & FamilyI am honored and filled with optimism about my new position as Director of Patient Liaison Services! My name is Lisa Hartle-De Young and I am a EHE survivor! My world changed in January 2012 when I was originally misdiagnosed by my local community hospital with advanced breast cancer. My imaging and lab work was not supporting this pathology diagnosis. I made the empowering decision to have my biopsy tissue sent to three additional laboratories for evaluation. On Valentine's Day 2012 I learned I had a very rare cancer called Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma. My EHE tumor was located in my neck and I had successful surgery (modified radical neck dissection) at Stanford Medical Center in April 2012.

Unfortunately, my family has walked this path before with my mother who passed away in 1986 from metastatic breast cancer and my sister who was also diagnosed in 2007 with breast cancer. She is a BRCA carrier but more importantly she is a breast cancer survivor! Her experience prepared me for my own journey with EHE.....she is my hero:) My Dad remarried and his second wife also successfully battled breast cancer. So these life experiences have trained me in medical terminology, how to navigate the maze of health insurance, and how a cancer diagnosis steals your peace.

I have been married to my husband for 35 years and we live in Northern California in a suburb of San Francisco called Walnut Creek. We have raised (and survived) three sons, Andrew, Adam, and Austin. Our eldest is married and my daughter-in-law Wenjing is a welcome addition to our family! My fur baby is named Hope (Golden Retriever) and she is the magic in our home! In my prior life before having my family I worked for two large California banks in the Human Resources Department. I was responsible for recruiting  staff as well as serving as 504 Compliance Officer. My greatest personal satisfaction came from coordinating the annual United Way charity drive bank wide.

My goal in this new role for the EHE family is to welcome, support, and assist new patients who find themselves in a group no one wants to belong to. I aspire to provide compassionate and encouraging guidance as they navigate their new normal. Please email me at LHDeYoung@astound.net and share your own unique EHE story!

LeeAnn Conner, Treasurer

LeeAnn draws upon 22+ years of experience and education in program management, marketing, human resources, and executive-level budget management.  She retired in 2016 after culminating her service as the Director of the United States Army Retention Program in the Pentagon.  LeeAnn volunteers full time for The EHE Foundation in multiple functional areas as the Director of Marketing and Development.  LeeAnn has been with The EHE Foundation since its inception in 2015 and is committed to the foundation’s mission in support of those fighting EHE.





Hugh Leonard, Director of UK Charity

Jane Biddlecombe, Director of Australian Charity