July is Sarcoma Awareness Month – Support Our Mission With a Monthly Donation

As we spread sarcoma awareness this month, we ask you to consider a monthly donation. A recurring donation creates a BIG impact in a rare sarcoma, like EHE. We’ve set a goal of 10 new monthly donors! Will you join our Circle of Friends? It’s very affordable and connects you to our small, but mighty community in a very meaningful way. Every DOLLAR matters.

EHE Foundation Circle of Friends

Why a monthly giving campaign?

🕰 It’s Sustained Support: Monthly gifts allow us to predict our donations and plan ahead by expanding research and strengthening The EHE Foundation.

🤝 It’s a Community: Becoming an EHE Circle of Friends member allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment for EHE research.

☕️ It’s Affordable: By giving monthly, you invest in our mission based on what makes sense for you and make an incredible impact over the course of your membership.

💪 It’s Powerful: You’ll be recognized on our virtual “EHE Circle of Friends” donor. This demonstrates to researchers, potential grantees, and outside agencies that we have a strong community of supporters standing behind The EHE Foundation’s mission.

Set up your recurring donation, and join the folks who have committed to ongoing support for The EHE Foundation! Learn more about the EHE Foundation’s Circle of Friends.