EHE Online Library

Welcome to the EHE Online Resource Library. We've compiled the links to peer-reviewed research articles focused on EHE. Please note this library contains only articles that are available free online with open access to the public. Articles are sorted by the most common locations of EHE in the body but we will continue to update the library to include other organs and sites that might be of interest to the EHE Community.

To access the EHE Online Library please click the link below. You will be directed to a Google spreadsheet with article titles and links. The articles are sorted by "Location of EHE" tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet (Liver/Lungs/Soft Tissue, etc.).

This resource is only possible because of the dedication of several key volunteers working closely with our EHE Foundation Research Department. We are grateful for their commitment!

If you have an article you want to add or have any questions, contact Medha at