EHE Caregivers Facebook Group

The EHE Caregivers Facebook Group is a private group for caregivers to connect with each other in a supportive environment. It is only for caregivers and not for patients. It is not administered by The EHE Foundation.

The Caregiver Space

The Caregiver Space is a wonderful site with tons of resources and forums for whatever situation you are experiencing. There are other links to research, databases, and even health sites you can find on this site.  It is a must for finding resources for the lay caregiver.

Imerman Angels

Imerman Angels is for anyone whether a cancer patient or a caregiver to find direct support through other patients/caregivers.  Call or email to receive one one one support.

The National Caregiving Alliance

A great website to find research and current and past national reports (USA) and links to other countries reports.  This is the USA’s official registry with The International Alliance of Carer Organization.

The Caregivers Action Network (CAN)

This organization provides peer support, education, and resources for family caregivers

The International Alliance of Carer Organization

Looking for an organization in your country other than the USA? This is the worldwide alliance of caregiving conglomerate. Just click on the IACO Members list to find out if your country has an organization. This is the international database for caregiving around the globe.